Nikola Janjušević
Published 2020-10-25

Staying organized while doing research (arxivmv).

I often find my downloads folder filling up with tons of research papers with nondescript (ID) names, such as "1909.05742.pdf". Keeping these PDFs open allows me to keep track of them, but once I close those windows they seem as good as lost. To remedy this, I've written a short Python script employing a [wrapper for the API]( It looks at each PDF in my downloads folder that roughly looks like a paper with an arXiv ID number as its name. It then searches the database, and if the number is valid it renames the file to something more descriptive. For example, the above mentioned file is turned into, "Elad_RethinkingTheCsc_1909.05742.pdf".

It's hard to over-emphasize the benefit of adding a little organization to your life. I hope the script below can be easily adapted to your setup, or inspire you to organize your own way.

Future Work and Remarks: